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Interview: Women in the CPA Industry – Alissa Crusher – CPAQueen

Alissa Crusher is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, striving forward in the internet marketing industry with a true vision and passion. Her impressive work ethics are unmatched, and she has launched several successful CPA campaigns in a very short period of time. Currently, she looks over the business development operations at Fivestar CPA. Along with that she also plays the role of being an advertiser, and is looking forward to share some of her experiences with the masses


Tell us a little background info about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been working in this industry?

Hey Sam, thanks for the warm welcome. My name is Alissa, I am originally from Chicago,  I have been involved in the industry for 3 years now. I had a normal job but didn’t exactly “fit” in it, I always wanted something of my own, such as freedom of choice, freedom of decision making, etc. I was tired of people having enormous control over my financial life. I knew there was something better out there and I was determined to find it, no matter how long it took. I started on ebay selling my own household products. While this was happening, I quickly began to run out of things that I had to sell. I began looking for alternatives, and came across the word, “affiliate marketing”. Shortly after, I signed up for affiliate networks, and began the journey of promoting others’ products. After much trial and error, and making a bit of profit online I was hooked onto the game. I knew making profit was possible, and at that stage, all I had to do was scale things up, and that was the most critical part. I had done almost every kind of work online, and after going thru a lot of methods that didn’t fit my interest, I had finally come across what suited me the best, CPA marketing.

What made you to join this industry and leave the offline world?

Some distinct experiences in my life had made me decide that I was not going to be a someone’s employee. If there’s anything, it would be me creating employment for others. My soul always craves for freedom. I like the flexibility to work within my own interests, and during my own hours.  Choosing my own direction lets me integrate passion into all my projects, and it is the passion towards discovering new things that had brought me into this industry.

Additionally, it was also the leverage and potential that I saw in the industry, that inspired me to continue forward.

What are your great accomplishments so far you are proud of ?

Running my first profitable campaign was the greatest achievement that I am proud of. To me, achievements are like milestones ; There’s one after another until I reach the end destination/goal. Broadly speaking, some of the other achievements include, focusing my profitable campaigns, niche wise, and then scaling up, rather than working with every imaginable vertical, until I see success. I believe that my passion towards the work I perform, will aid me in achieving future accomplishments.

What do you think it takes to become a  successful affiliate?

An affiliate has a chance to become successful when he/she proceeds with passion, determination and persistence. Whether it is the passion towards the money or persistence towards making a campaign successful, having the ‘right mindset’ is a bonus. Personally, I had the passion to discover new methods and try them out until I have reached certain limitations, and on top of that, I usually test a campaign with persistence until it is profitable.  Most of the affiliates drop out during this stage. An example that I would like to share would be, my partner and I were running a dating campaign on fb, targeting similar demographics. We couldn’t break even for the first few days, I think for about 3 days, we lost quite a bit in the PPC costs, and then my buddy automatically quit it, but I had continued to optimize it constantly and wanted to see how it would turn out. Even after optimizing, the 4th day wasn’t profitable, but I was close, and from 5th day onwards, it was a game changer. So i’d definitely recommend persistence towards the project.

On a side note, I’d also like to share a quote, “Action takers are the money makers.” It is the courage to take action that sets you apart from the rest of the online marketers that are lacking to take action.

As an Affiliate what are your favorite traffic sources?

Some of my favorite traffic sources include Pinterest, twitter and facebook.

Latelty, Pinterest has been one of the best converters for me. I know there are a few people who will disagree, and I am ok with that. I haven’t had any overnight success with pinterest. At first, I was targeting my markets just like everyone else did, and the results weren’t that great at all. Rather than trying to artificialize my promotional tactics, I started to keep things more natural. Most of the pinterest’s audience are women, and since I am one of them, I felt more ‘connected’ to my audience and started off by promoting beauty products.

My pins have gone viral, bringing in a huge amount of targeted traffic. I haven’t had much success with the email submits or dating offers though, and I believe the reason for that is they look quite too spammy.

Speaking of which, twitter wasn’t a great performer for email submits either. Facebook was the best, that had accommodated dating and email submits. To this day, I still run profitable dating campaigns with facebook.

As a side note, I would also like to mention that I am going to try both tumblr and POF for dating campaigns and I will update the readers of this blog with my results.

What was your biggest failure which frustrated you?

I don’t consider anything failing except for not trying.  I look at each result as a learning experience, to do better. I have had a number of frustrating instances where my profitable campaigns would dry up and I would regret not running more campaigns while the others were profitable. A distinct example would be, once I was running a few dating campaigns that were profitable, and during this time,

rather than doing some research on scaling up or running new campaigns, I had just wasted a little time in not really doing anything. Result? Those dating campaigns dried up, and I was back to square one. I learned from my mistake and realized the sort of frustration it had caused, and since then, I always tried to diversify in my promotional tactics.

If you have to recommend something to a new Affiliate then what resources you will recommend to him?

New affiliates – Stop searching for that “magic bullet” that doesn’t exist. Gone, are the days when anyone could rehash some garbage to make it profitable. I’d recommend obtaining some start up cash to fund the campaigns. Don’t buy into the ‘get rich quick’ bullshit that’s been sold across the internet. Offering services on Fiverr is a good place to start to obtain some funds. Similarly, combination of CPA and youtube is also a pretty good spot, as there is much room to leverage your creativity. Reading affiliate blogs and forums and taking action is a must. Don’t get me wrong on this, reading is very important, but falling into the “info over load” is a disaster. I’ve been there and it isn’t the best place to be. In such cases, you’re better off taking a little break from the online world, perhaps a couple days off, and then going back into the game with action.

What are your goals and where you want to see yourself in next 6 months ?

Short term goals : Take a peaceful vacation with my bf, getting my dream car the Chevy Chevelle SS.

Long term goals : Leverage my advertising campaigns to achieve the maximum performance.

I spend a large portion of each day online, so sometimes it’s nice to step away from everything for much better thought process and clarity. In 6 months, I would certainly be gaining a lot of experience in new areas of online marketing, as well as would be networking with more great people. I am also moving more towards being an advertiser in email submits vertical, so I believe such projects will result in a great ROI

What do you do when you get tired by working? What are your hobbies or interests ?

I love my job and my life, most of my interests are internet related, I enjoy playing video games (xbox specifically), and watching movies with friends.  I have so much fun doing what I do, that I would have trouble ever calling it work.

I also love the creative aspects of my job, such as brainstorming ideas in JVs. I have graphic design skills, and always strive to improve them.

What have you been up to recently? What projects are you working on?

I am working as an advertiser for some of my email submit campaigns. We have our own geo targeted offer wall built-in that is optimized to offer the best EPCs for the networks/affiliates running our offers. Additionally, I also work with offline clients and help them adapt to the emerging mobile industry. As an individual, I run a few inhouse fb campaigns. For the future, I am looking to get my feet wet in the PPV markets. I have done it a little in the past, but it wasn’t anything major.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Thanks to everyone for taking their time, and showing interest in me and my recent success. I’d recommend viewers to follow sam’s tips, as well as check out a brilliant forum – emillionforum.com.

Sam shares a lot of valuable knowledge which would otherwise be not available for free. I appreciate his efforts, and additionally, please do check out affbuzz.com for latest news from industry leaders.

Wishing everyone a great Success,

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