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List Building Lessons To Help You Generate Up To 100 Leads A Day Again And Again!

Have you ever wondered how some, seemingly lazy people can generate up to 100 leads a day while you struggle to just generate 10 a day? Here is what I’m going to tell you: If you’re not generating AT LEAST 50 leads a day, you either working on the wrong stuff or working too much.

Building a responsive 5000 list can be done within 90 days, if you know what you are doing. List building is all about specializing in a niche that has a big market need and using your marketing skills to represent immense value.

The lead generation methods that I’m about to share with you, you can do every day for about 2 to 3 hours. I know that most people online are not full time yet and have limited time available. That’s all good, as long as you are willing to work 100% during the time you are sitting in front of your computer.

Let’s have a look at what those lead generation strategies are..



Free Warrior Special Offers (a product you can market at WarriorForum.com) is one of the best ways to generate targeted and hungry leads!

If you are not a member of the Warrior Forum yet, simple sign up for an account NOW. Start participating in threads that are relevant to your product, and you do that by sharing your advice with others.

All you really need to do here is to come up with a special report, providing solutions to a niche targeted problem. Simple put together a report that has immense value, a report that people would pay you money to read.

The purpose of a free WSO is to redirect people to your squeeze page from the Warrior Forum to capture their email address. Once the lead has entered his email address, you will follow up with an autoresponder, sending him the download link to his free gift.

This is incredible effect and a really good and solid way to build consistent leads.


General Forum Marketing:

Here you simple register at a targeted forum for your product/services and simple start contributing useful and incentive threads. Become active on one or more forums to share your knowledge with others and by doing so sooner than later you will be acknowledged as an expert, leading to other people clicking on your signature link.

As for many other online marketing techniques, forum marketing is all about driving targeted traffic to your offers. The best way to do this is by having a great perspective on what you do, having a great amount of marketing skills, and by offering a product that has immense value in the eyes of your potential customer.


Article Marketing:

Article marketing is still a very effective way to drive high targeted traffic to your squeeze page. The number one article directory on the internet is Ezine articles.

Article marketing is a free method that you can use and can bring you significant traffic within days. To be an effective author at Ezine article English should be your first language, if not then you could outsource your article to a native writer.

Write articles that provide up to date information and make readers click on your signature. As for any other method, you want people to click on your signature to generate traffic to your website.



PPC stands for pay per click and can be done on major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Basically, you start running advertisement campaigns on a search engine and every time your ad shows up for a certain keyword and the searcher clicks on your ad, he will be directed to your website.

This is a very effective way to drive traffic to your squeeze page, if you know what you are doing. You can literally drive thousands and thousands of targeted visitors to your website overnight.

The downside of PPC is that it does take some money to start and it does take some time to learn the business model.



As you probably know, Facebook is the number one social media website and has massive amount of users. While quite a decent amount of those users is just here to connect with friends, many people are also here to look for information on making money online.

The strategy here is to build a solid relationship with people who have invested interest in your niche market. You can find those people through pages/groups or you can connect with them through friend recommendations.

If you know what you are doing with social media, Facebook is a wonderful way to create wealth.


Ad Swaps:

Ad swaps is known as the process where you advertise another marketer’s offer to your list, and in return the other marketer will advertise your offer to his list. This is a win-win situation if you do it with the right person.

Just make sure that you don’t swap lists with other list builders every day. This might lead to having a 10,000 after 30 days, but it will also lead to your list getting cold.

If you ad swap once a month with the right people who can prove to have a responsive list, it can be a wonderful way to add new leads to your list.


JV Giveaways:

That’s one of the better ways to create more targeted leads for your business. Here you are simple looking for finding online marketing events that allow you to contribute free gifts, meaning reports or Ebooks.

Simple do a Google search on JV giveaways and fine some upcoming events that allow you to contribute free reports. As usually, the leads will receive your free report on your squeeze page via opt in.


As you can see, there are many ways to generate an immense amount of targeted leads. The most important thing is that you simple get started with at least one method today to start growing your list in the infinity!


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