New Into CPA Industry? Here Is Your Mini Notebook!

We all start up as a newbie. Nobody is born with experience of everything and as a newbie there are many things one should keep in mind especially when you’re entering into CPA industry ;)

Below are few points you must keep in mind:

  • A website is not an important part for getting approved into any CPA network.
  • Many CPA networks don’t look after your website. They look after How you can promote offers,etc..
  • Many networks allow newbies tho, if you have experience then that’s a PLUS!
  • If you don’t have experience then don’t hide it! Tell them you’re NEW but you’ve got plans and all.
  • Make your AM your friend and ask him to keep you updated with latest offers, Top Converting one’s,etc..
  • Never lie anything in your application like you have 5+ Years of exp, You are a master of traffic generation,etc..
  • Never send fraud traffic to your offers. You’ll get BANNED!!
  • Dont ask your friends all over the world to complete offers If that particular offer doesn’t allows incent!

These were few points you must keep in mind !

Remember not to break any CPA network rule because if you do so you can harm yourself in big time ;)

Keep making money and prosper :)

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