Why Do Advertisers Scrub Leads? The Basics About Scrubbing!

So, You’re working with a good network but your conversion rates have decreased ?

Are you no more making as much you used to make few days back ?

ARE you getting ROBBED?

ALERT! Maybe the “SCRUB” is behind it!

So What is SCRUB and Why you should care/know about it ?

Basically a SCRUB means: When an advertiser take’s your info and compare it with his existing database, If the leads you’re giving him  is already in their database, then the advertiser won’t give you credit for that lead. You don’t get paid for that particular lead because advertiser already has that person/email in his database.

What you read above was a fair thing done by advertisers. BUT.. Its not the END!

Sometimes Advertisers scrub your leads without any specific reason!

Shocking eh? Yes, It’s true!

Many Advertisers will scrub your leads because they love money so much that they dont feel like giving it away! Some Advertisers will tell you some sort of fairy tale making you look like you did all the Cr@p to them and you are responsible for that and lot more…..

How you can protect yourself from this?

Well, Honestly till now I have not found any concrete method to save myself from the “SCRUB”. Tho, You can do a few basic things to protect yourself:

  • Always split test your offers
  • Maintain good relationship with your manager so that If you smell something suspicious you can talk with him/her and sometimes your manager will himself give you hints that you are being robbed :D
  • If you get $10 for an offer from “X” network and the same offer you see on “Y” network for $15 then there are high chances that you’ll see scrub because Advertiser will maintain their budget by scrubbing your leads. So, If you see 10 conversions on “X” network then you will probably see 3-4 Conversions on “Y” network!
  • FINALLY! If you feel like you are being scrubbed without any proper REASON!… Then its time to MOVE ON!
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