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You’re Not Milking Every Cent From Your CPA Network!

CPA has been a very lucrative multi-billion dollar industry and the FACT is thousands of people are making a KILLING from CPA’s!

Top CPA marketers are making truck loads of cash from CPA as well as many regular marketers are making money from CPA, But they all are not using it to the FULLEST !

YOU! Yes YOU are not milking every drop of cash from the offers you’re promoting!

Shocked huh? You might be thinking what are you talking about Sam ? Are you drunk or something?

I’m making money from CPA and How can I now Make it to fullest and milk all the money ?

Well, Many people are aware of this but never reveal this secret. I’m doing it just FOR you because As A entrepreneur myself I love MONEY as well as Love helping my fellow marketers.

Do you know about PAY-BUMPS? and How to to use this power ?

PAY BUMP is an special treatment given to some special/super affiliates who are doing great money with their Networks. In pay bumps you get an SPECIAL rate for your current offer.

Lets suppose, You are promoting an XXXXX named offer and its current CPL is $1. After bumping its rate you may get $1.10 or $1.20,etc.. Depending on your network!

Now you see how much money you’ve been leaving on the table ?

If you make $1000 a week from $1/lead offer then after getting a little bump of $0.10 you’ll make $1100 next week.. Extra $100 ;)

How to Get Pay Bump ?

Not everyone can get a bump to their payrates. In order to get a pay bump you must be a good affiliate for your network and should do good money with them!

You must be someone who is actively doing good money and making decent amount of money!

If you think you’ve been making good money with your CPA network then I suggest you Quickly get in touch with your Affiliate Manager and Ask for a BUMP on your top converting offer !

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About Samrath Gupta

Samrath Gupta is a Young, Smart Online Enterprenuer as well as a Super Affiliate with a lot of industry knowledge. Despite his age, He has already beaten many to the fact that he is making money online and enjoying freedom at the same time. A regular poster on many forums, you can see the indepth knowledge Samrath has for this fast changing industry.

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  1. It’s always nice to get a pay bump. It can happen when you are producing great results. I think many times you don’t have to ask. If you are doing well and they see it, they will often give you a bump as a reward.

    That’s always a great feeling.

  2. Well said but to get those $1000 one needs to work really hard . I hope i can make some money in this Big CPA industry !!

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